Apartment Reviews for Academy Park Apartments in New Albany

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718 Academy Drive, New Albany, IN, 47150
(502) 242-7985


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It??s nice here. I can??t hear my neighbors and (I hope) they can??t hear me. Quick walk to the park. Everyone that works here is super chill.

Great place to live. Friendly staff, nice area overall and affordable.

I'm the happiest I've ever been living here! The apartments huge and amazing, the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, there's a park next door, and there are tons of stores and restaurants close by.

I love living here. The apartments are so much nicer, and bigger than where I used to live. Everyone is quiet, never any parties or anything going on. As with any apartment you can hear footsteps above you (living on the ground floor.) I would tell anyone I know, if looking for a new apartment, to move in here.

These are some of the nicest apartments in all of New albany, clarksville, and jeff. The price is good, and the place is ran well. A lot of reviews on here say things like you can hear your neighbors too easily. I have not noticed it to be any easier than any other apartment I've ever been in.

I have lived here for a few months and love it!! Every problem you have had where resolved within a couple of hours! It??s a pet friendly community and everyone seems happy! Love it here!!

Don't believe the reviews! These apartments are nice. Yes in apartments you WILL hear your neighbors occasionally. Honestly I barely hear mine. I live on the first floor and hear them walking around every now and then. And if I have everything turned off iny apartment I can hear them more. Nothing out of the ordinary. The apartments are quite quiet in general. Everyone is settled in their apartments by 9pm and no parties or craziness. The neighborhood kids are respectful and people with dogs clean up after them. My only complaint is the carpet! It's sooo cheap and thin. We've been here less than 4 months and we don't walk on the carpet with shoes and it's already looking worn. My only complaint.

Extremely professional staff and quickly resolved any issues I had. I have had no maintenance problem since I moved in several months ago. It is quiet and I have only heard my neighbors when they moved out (which is a normal part of apartment life).

I was really nervous about renting when I read other reviews- however I am do glad I did rent here ! Nice staff- never had an issue with maintenance ! Great...